October Studio Update

Many of you may have already heard the news: We bought a house and it’s big enough to combine workspace with living space. 

This means the studio is getting packed up and moved along with the rest of all the stuff we’ve accumulated over the past 6-7 years.

The moving truck will be scooping everything up on Thursday October 19th and the transition process of shuffling things around will begin all over again, as it did just two short years ago when my paints and equipment first landed in our departing location.

I’m looking forward to settling in to our new space, our new home. This past month has been full of big changes;  the art supply store I work at moved several weeks ago, at the end of September. Quite the busy month.

More updates will be shared in November, and depending how quickly I can unpack I’d like to squeak in a holiday promotional sale on my paintings, to make room for new work.

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Down To The Wire

Yesterday and today, I am printing some cards as a last-minute idea of something I can put into the Sheboygan Visual Artist’s annual holiday show and sale. The deadline is Wednesday!
And I wouldn’t be myself if I had no idea what to do until the final days of the call for art.
I’m heading back to the Art Factory soon, to finish what I started yesterday.
I am glad to have access to the open workspace there, because even when it comes to printing small cards, my apartment just doesn’t have the space to spread out and work efficiently.

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Just A Quick Sketch…

I was feeling inspired last night as I was reviewing some of the photos I had taken at the Forevertron.

It is a place you have to visit more than once in order to really comphrehend everything you see. I have been there at least 4 times now, and my brain still goes into information overload when I’m there.
In addition to all that, his wife and son are continuing to build upon his legacy when he is unable to, so there are new and different things appearing throughout the environment as time passes.

I may have noticed this guy on my second visit, but he is one of Tom’s creations, a veteran player in (or near) the orchestra.


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