Last Week In Review: Studio Happenings

Last week was quite the busy week at the studio!

Wednesday’s Panel Production Lab was a success. Marty cut and built several panels, large and small.

The next Panel Production Lab will remain To Be Announced, due to upcoming scheduling conflicts.

Earlier last week, I began a project to convert blank wall space into utilitarian wall-mounted workspace by installing pegboard.


After a few trials and tribulations, the project came to a successful conclusion!

So far, I like the vast amount of work space that this offers versus that of an easel. Time will tell whether the hooks offer a satisfactory support hold on things, especially for unmounted panels.

Well, that about sums it up. See you next time!



Panel Production Lab

Cost: $40.00 per person, per session. Includes all necessary materials. 

Session 1: Wednesday August 24th Session 2: Wednesday September 7th

Location: Liz Ann Lange Art, (inside Landmark Suites) 604 Erie Ave., Lower Level Sheboygan WI 53081.

Using MDF, pine boards, and tools and equipment on site, you will have the opportunity to draft, cut, and construct your own cradled panels to be used as a surface for painting. (You will still need to prime them before using as a painting surface.)

Each attendee will be provided up to 2 sheets of MDF measuring 2×4 feet. 

You may determine your own sizes you wish your panels to be.

You will draft cut lines, operate power hand saws to cut the panels to size, check measurements, miter the cradle boards using a tabletop circular saw, and glue and clamp your panels. If your work cannot be finished within the given time of the lab, we will set up a time and day for you to return and finish the work at your leisure for no extra charge.

Various saws and some safety gear such as safety glasses, dust masks, and foam ear plugs will be provided. No loose clothing, scarves, jewelry or open toed shoes please. Long hair should be worn tied back neatly. 

Please remember : Your safety is your primary responsibility. 

*Always be extremely cautious when operating power tools. I will not be accountable for any personal injuries in the studio. Injuries are a result of blatant disregard for common sense safety practices. You will be expected to sign a statement regarding this in order to participate.*

Space is extremely limited so that everyone will have quality time with the tools and equipment.

If you are interested in this lab or have interest in future opportunities like this one, please contact me at:

Applying Alkyd Medium


I am applying a layer of alkyd medium over my thin glaze layer on the big canvas.
I like the way this particular alkyd medium  travels when I use a little too much, or when I don’t wait long enough for it to tack up before I start painting over it.
It also gives things a nice shine without being glaringly glossy the way a varnish would be. I love the depth it gives to the metallic gold oil paints I use.
When applied liberally to paint, or when painted over before its had the chance to cure, this medium sends small drips that slowly meander down the surface of the painting for days after you think it had stopped. Its misuse causes such wonderful effects that I willingly leave to chance, layering intent over subtle chaos.



My First Monoprinting Experience with Gelli

Today at the day job (I’m living the dream by working at an art supply store!), I got to attend a super fun mono printing workshop lead by my super fun artist friend, Mel Kolstad!

We used 5-inch square Gelli plates and acrylic paints to achieve one of a kind prints, using stencils, objects to make textures, and different wipe out tools for reductive effects.


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