Applying Alkyd Medium


I am applying a layer of alkyd medium over my thin glaze layer on the big canvas.
I like the way this particular alkyd medium  travels when I use a little too much, or when I don’t wait long enough for it to tack up before I start painting over it.
It also gives things a nice shine without being glaringly glossy the way a varnish would be. I love the depth it gives to the metallic gold oil paints I use.
When applied liberally to paint, or when painted over before its had the chance to cure, this medium sends small drips that slowly meander down the surface of the painting for days after you think it had stopped. Its misuse causes such wonderful effects that I willingly leave to chance, layering intent over subtle chaos.




My First Monoprinting Experience with Gelli

Today at the day job (I’m living the dream by working at an art supply store!), I got to attend a super fun mono printing workshop lead by my super fun artist friend, Mel Kolstad!

We used 5-inch square Gelli plates and acrylic paints to achieve one of a kind prints, using stencils, objects to make textures, and different wipe out tools for reductive effects.


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AIR Update for the week of Jan. 4th-8th

Sheboygan North High School Artist In Residence Update:

by Liz Ann Lange

What a fantastic week it has been!

The studio felt worlds away during the Winter Break, but in returning I felt I was able to pick right back up where I left off.

My time last week was spent preparing and mounting my little exhibit in the 2nd floor hallway gallery, as well as putting together last Thursday’s PowerPoint presentation for Mr. Juarez’s Artist Lecture Series!

I presented to Mr. J’s 2nd hour students on Thursday, the 7th.
After the presentation, we had a little bit of time for the students to tour the studio and ask some questions. Sharing my process and experiences with young minds is something I don’t do very often, so it was a good learning experience for all! They asked some pretty good questions too, and I was glad to see they were engaged and interested in what I had to…

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