On Decision-making

The Original Landscape Photo
ChinatownBuffet2 24x28
The Cropped Version

“Uugh, which one should I paint?”

I loathe decisions. OK, so they’re part of life, but that doesn’t mean they come naturally to me all the time.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had difficulty with choices, mostly because I prefer to analyze the entire situation before making up my mind, no matter what.
The countless possible outcomes are hard to choose from when they all are fairly equal in standing, or when there are more positive outcomes than negative consequences among those varied possible outcomes. Continue reading “On Decision-making”

Upcoming Exhibition: “In Tandem” opens May 9th.

Tires, oil on birch panel, 24in x 28in Liz Ann Lange
Tires, oil on birch panel, 24in x 28in
Liz Ann Lange

This and other work will be exhibited May 9th – June 13th at Frank Juarez Gallery in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

From the Updates section of the Frank Juarez Gallery website:

In Tandem

May 9 – June 13, 2013

Reception for the Artists: May 16,  5-8pm with an artist talk at 6pm.

In Tandem will feature works from two artists who share similar formative backgrounds, influences, and environments expressed through varying degrees of interpretation.

While attending Lakeland College from 2006 to 2010, Liz Ann Lange and Sara Willadsen both began incorporating architecture and views of Sheboygan County within their studio practices.

Working primarily in oils, Lange has continued to build upon her direct explorations of the community’s hidden spaces and unglorified tableaus, documenting her observations without bias or pretenses.

Willadsen employs mixed media to indirectly reference these same scenes by breaking them down to their formal parts and putting more focus on the physical materials that make up the work itself, resulting in suggestions of invented spaces.

Through color, composition, and perspective, Lange and Willadsen both create works guided by structural characteristics and ephemera encountered in the Sheboygan area.

Reflections of 2014, Resolutions for 2015.


As artists, we have to be cautious not to spread ourselves out too thinly.

We risk loss of content if we try to do too much. When you spill a glass of milk, it sort of just goes everywhere and lacks depth and dimensionality.

Sure, it is good practice to constantly challenge yourself and try new things, but when the new things start taking time away from your work, then you have to step back and analyze where to trim the fat.

Like the milk analogy, I was spilled everywhere, spread too thinly to provide anything substantial.
That is how I feel about my work, and about how differently from my plans 2014 turned out.

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More Practice

Late November / Early December 2014


In the spirit of the pre-xmas season, I was feeling nostalgic, or had a visual craving for byzantine art.

I decided to challenge myself and see if I could make a little copy of the Virgin of Vladamir, using acrylics. Thanks to those nice extenders and other mediums you can mix in, plus a spray bottle and some plastic wrap, I got the consistency and working life I needed to complete this task.
I think I worked on it for at least 3 days. Maybe more. I should have kept a log of my time, because it could go on record for the most patience I’ve ever exerted on a painting, ever. Continue reading “More Practice”

Down To The Wire

Yesterday and today, I am printing some cards as a last-minute idea of something I can put into the Sheboygan Visual Artist’s annual holiday show and sale. The deadline is Wednesday!
And I wouldn’t be myself if I had no idea what to do until the final days of the call for art.
I’m heading back to the Art Factory soon, to finish what I started yesterday.
I am glad to have access to the open workspace there, because even when it comes to printing small cards, my apartment just doesn’t have the space to spread out and work efficiently.

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