I have always really enjoyed getting my hands on things;
 constructing, creating, building.
 I feel a very tactile connection with nature, tools, and raw materials.
 I feel that this is reflected in my work both as metalworker and painter.
 In my work with copper and other metals, I draw inspiration from
 primitive archaeological findings from around the globe, as well as
 shapes, colors, textures, and objects found in nature.
 In my work as a painter, I draw inspiration from my immediate surroundings,
 as well as the techniques and work of my peers.
 In my work as both painter and metalworker,
 I am amused by the little diversions and changes that form
 within the materials throughout my process.
 It is a constant reminder that although we can make independent choices
 and walk paths which shape our lives to our liking,
 nature will always have command over the fundamental details.



Liz Ann Lange graduated from Kohler High School in 1998, and served nearly 7 years as an aircraft structural maintainer in the United States Air Force.
In 2006, she enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at Lakeland College where she earned her degree in Studio and Graphic arts.
Liz dabbles in various media, and enjoys the diversions of metalwork, but her true passion lies in the materials and techniques of oil painting.
The content of her work usually centers around representational portrayals of urban and suburban landscapes and the overlooked elements within.
Liz is currently working on extending her series of nature-based abstract paintings out of her downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin studio.