August Studio Updates

Hello all,

Hope it’s been a good summer so far! Mine has gone by so fast that I keep forgetting to write to you!

I don’t have any big news since last time, but here’s what’s been happening in and around the studio:

My work is still on view at Vagabond Gallery in Manitowoc through August 27th.

I have begun building some large stretcher frames and stretching canvas on them. I have no particular predetermined plan for them, as far as imagery goes. I simply have a general desire to work a little larger. The canvases are all 3 feet wide and have lengths that vary from 3-6 feet.

Nothing like fresh canvases and a cup of joe.

Last winter I told myself I would go back to Amberg, Wisconsin, the location of Dave’s Falls County Park, as well as revisit Parfrey’s Glen near Merrimack, Wisconsin so I could see these places during the lush green seasons. (My first time seeing these places  was last November, on really beautiful, warm late Autumn days.) I have not gotten to those places yet, but I am hoping to within the next two or three weeks.

Life has a way of getting busy in more ways than we can imagine or anticipate. And seemingly the old saying, “when it rains, it pours,” rings true especially in the summertime, and especially in the art world in summertime!

How has your summer been?