Studio Hours Update:


Photo taken by Peg Haubert



It’s beautiful outside this time of year! Too beautiful to work in the Lower Level when it’s not rainy! I need to paint outside! I need sunlight! Fresh air! Nature! That being said:
Studio Hours will be by appointment for the summer.


My designated hours will remain posted; however, it’s always a good idea to call: (920) 395-5588 or email: to set up a visit. As always, if the lights around the window are on, feel free to drop in!


Spring Art Tour Update:

DSC02757Thank you to all those who made my first year on the Northern Moraine Spring Art Tour a success! I made some sales and met some fantastic people, overall it was a very uplifting experience and I’m happy to say that I plan to put this studio on the tour for years to come.20170604_191037_HDR



Upcoming Event:



Please join me on July 14th from 6-8pm at Vagabond Gallery, on 24th & Franklin in Manitowoc, WI,  for the opening reception of my newest solo exhibition!

This show will highlight the work that I’ve been doing for nearly two years- the point at which my workspace and opportunities expanded, as did my subject matter and the way I went about exploring it.

I hope to showcase my work in such a way that nearly creates an environment, the mood of being among trees and filtered sunlight.

I did not name this show in time for the promotional material to include it.

After the phenomenon that has caused a major shift in my work and captured my attention many times throughout my life, I informally title this exhibition, TREELIGHT.


As always, thank you for following my journey!


2 thoughts on “Summer Updates

  1. nice post, Liz, but dang! I have an opening on July 14 tooat UW Sheboygan. Doing a solo show there before movingon to my next new expression in art. and..small thing but you dropped the ‘t’ in my last name fromthe photo credit..thanks for the credit. I like it much better without the ‘t’ but do not want to confuseanyone and have them wonder if it’s me or if I finally changedmy name! lol Talk soon. Peg


    1. I noticed the t missing as soon as I published and edited / updated it right away but it must still have the mistake in the preview! Dang.
      Summer is so busy, sorry im going to miss your opening! I thought the UW usually had those on Thursday evenings.


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