Opening Reception is Thursday January 7th, 3:45pm-5pm

The work I produced as Artist in Residence at Sheboygan North High School will be on display now through January 15th.

After hanging the works, I was struck by the realization that I hadn’t yet seen all of these paintings together before.
4 of the paintings in this group were mounted in an exhibit at Lakeland College in November. The day after I hung the Lakeland show, I began working on the smaller square paintings, which were then exhibited at Frank Juarez Gallery in December. The shows slightly overlapped, and not long before I started the painting titled, “Stump,” I picked up my work from the Lakeland show and took them to my new studio (which is another fantastic story for another day!).

So, long story short, I am pleased to see how this showing has come together and I hope you are as well.


An overview of the work I produced in the duration of my residency.
My newest painting, “Stump,” on display in the North High School hall gallery.

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