Where to see my work, now through January!

Check it out! I’m featured in the latest newsletter from Lakeshore Art Supplies, LLC.
Some of my artwork will be featured in the store (and available for purchase) during the month of January!

I also have 12 paintings in the current exhibition at Frank Juarez Gallery, titled, “12I12I12.” There are 144 total paintings created by 12 artists in this show. To learn more, please visit the Frank Juarez Gallery website.

The art supply store will be taking over the lease from the gallery in January, so my work will remain at the same address:
1109n. 8th street, in downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

The paintings in the 12I12I12 show will be on display through December 26th. I will be showing some different works as Lakeshore Art Supplies takes over the gallery space and storefront throughout the month of January.


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NHS AiR Happenings as of December 11th

Here is what I’ve been up to lately at Sheboygan North High School!

by Liz Ann Lange

The past month has been so busy that I neglected to write much of anything down!
I prepared and hung artwork in 2 separate exhibitions, one of which I had approximately 10 studio days in which to build and paint 12 panels before the day of installation.

I also was able to lend some helpful suggestions to Mr. Soik’s 4th hour humanities class, as they were doing another “Artplosion” project based on a wide array of interconnected topics. The class ended up using a storyboard format to express their topics of interest.

Last Thursday I had a fantastic time hosting one of the Brown Bag Lecture Series lunch talks right here in the studio! It is a chance for faculty and staff to get to know what I’m doing here, when they might not otherwise have been able to deviate from their busy schedules and routines.

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