I must begin by saying what an honor it is to be a part of the Sheboygan North High School Artist in Residence program!

The light is lovely, the space is vast, there are plenty of tables and chairs, and I can’t think of a more inspirational space to start the day in.


It’s great to be here, and the time has already flown!

Since we’re already into Week 6 of the semester, I will just go over some of the key details of what’s been happening up until now.

Weeks 1, 2 &3:
– moved all my studio equipment, tools, and materials into the Resident Artist studio space
– met with Mr. Stauber-Soik and discussed a class project for his Humanities Honors English class
– primed all my panels, cut my lumber, and built several cradled panels, one of which is 2 feet by 4 feet

The size of the large panel presented some interesting challenges for me, and thanks to the size of this workspace and resources like the wood shop down the hall, I was able to sort of invent a unique solution that I’ll be using again.

panel designKIMG0560image

Weeks 4 & 5:


– did several color studies in watercolor pencil, one in acrylic paint
– final sanding and coat of gesso on the cradled panels
– installed a painting I did earlier this year, and some info notes, in the hallway display case next to the art classrooms
– started oil painting on the 24 x 48 – inch panel



This week (Week 6):

I am continuing to work on the oil painting.
I am working from my color studies as well as several reference photos. The process of this particular painting has been largely improvisational and freehanded, which is slightly new for me, as I’ve been more rigid and faithful about scaling my compositions up from one photograph or thumbnail sketch.


I am enjoying every moment of being here and look forward to being of service within the community here at NHS!


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