With July almost over, I figured I had better make some notes before August quickly arrives.

When I think back on what I’ve been doing for the past month and a half.. well, it’s jumbled up between gallery sitting, poking at this or that painting, and making jewelry when I’m too tired or feeling too hot to stand in front of the easel.
I am recognizing that I need to force myself back into a more focused and productive routine because I’ve been feeling scattered again lately.
So, more painting and less thinking.
Which brings me to my love/hate relationship with the idea of working purely from memory. Instead of digging for the photo I want to work from, I can just dig it out of my head. In theory.
Aside from childhood, I don’t think I’ve ever really done this before.

Also, I’m trying to avoid drawing my imagery beforehand in pencil or charcoal; instead, I am sketching the lines, shadows, and other dark values with my paintbrush, as an under-painting of sorts.
I think the sky color is how I remember it from my walk the other evening (after sunset, the sky still a little bit light), and the lighting on the tree is starting to convince me that there is a streetlamp nearby.
Overall I really don’t like it. The buildings are killing it. I can’t remember their exact perspective and the colors are all wrong. I don’t remember what light was cast on the house to the left but it was much different from the light on the garage.

I will need to take another walk tonight so I can study the scene and hopefully commit some more details to memory, and then re-work those areas of the painting.
Or I could just take it down and burn it so that I don’t have to look at it anymore.
I could go either way at this point!


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