The Original Landscape Photo
ChinatownBuffet2 24x28
The Cropped Version

“Uugh, which one should I paint?”

I loathe decisions. OK, so they’re part of life, but that doesn’t mean they come naturally to me all the time.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had difficulty with choices, mostly because I prefer to analyze the entire situation before making up my mind, no matter what.
The countless possible outcomes are hard to choose from when they all are fairly equal in standing, or when there are more positive outcomes than negative consequences among those varied possible outcomes.

But this is just a painting, right?

So, I have this picture that I took last fall. I’ve been as indecisive about which version to paint then as I am now.

The original version is probably the better composition. It’s going places. It’s about perspective and with the suggestion of a horizon at the end of the alley, it’s definitely some kind of landscape. If you imagine that foreground shadow not being so dark and distracting, it has a lot of potential.

The cropped version, on the other hand, is where all the candy is. It is more about the repetitive interaction of shapes and lines and colors. It’s more interesting to me partially because there is no wasted space. It’s direct, and when I look at it, my eyes aren’t zooming all over the place and looking for escape, the way they do when I look at the other photo.

I’ve never contemplated a compositional variant or photo for this much time before. I’ve been plenty indecisive about other paintings, though not to this extent.

I’m sure I’ll find a happy medium very soon because I’m tired of thinking about it, and I’m ready to get on with the process.
In fact, I think I am beginning to get a clear idea of what I am going to do.


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