More Abstract Experimentations

More fun with abstract paint play.

Both panel paintings are 12 inches square.
Here’s a little video of me working on the lighter, more atmospheric one:


Driven To Abstraction

This is my first venture into abstract/nonrepresentational painting. I always thought it would be so difficult, because I was thinking too hard about it.

These were created off to the side of a still life painting I was working on, using the extras and leftovers from my palette.

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Reflections of 2014, Resolutions for 2015.


As artists, we have to be cautious not to spread ourselves out too thinly.

We risk loss of content if we try to do too much. When you spill a glass of milk, it sort of just goes everywhere and lacks depth and dimensionality.

Sure, it is good practice to constantly challenge yourself and try new things, but when the new things start taking time away from your work, then you have to step back and analyze where to trim the fat.

Like the milk analogy, I was spilled everywhere, spread too thinly to provide anything substantial.
That is how I feel about my work, and about how differently from my plans 2014 turned out.

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