I can’t remember how long it has been since I last opened my box of oil pastels, but yesterday I had the urge to dig them out.

Every day for the past few weeks, the first thing I saw when I woke up was this beautiful golden-pink morning light against the remaining leaves and neighboring properties from outside the bedroom window.
I resolved to stop procrastinating and promptly got out of bed to grab a canvas and oil pastels, and the necessary mug of coffee.
Then, I returned to bed with all these things and began working.

I did not spend the whole day in bed. Just part of it. Don’t hate me, it’s part of the job description.



Monday evenings mean Figure Drawing.

In my town, we are fortunate to have a group of artists who have gathered for probably a decade now, maybe over, to draw from a live model nearly every monday night of the year.

I try to attend when I can. Sometimes I don’t have the money, sometimes I forget what day of the week I’m in, and forget to go.
It is only $7 for 3 hours, and with 8 or more people in attendance, it’s enough to pay the model and add to the “kitty” for lower attendance nights.


Monday evenings mean Figure Drawing.

It’s like church for the practicing artist.
You know you should go.
Sometimes you don’t want to.
Other times, you really look forward to it.
The social contact is nice, and you enjoy practicing with others, sometimes helping one another along the way.


Monday evenings mean Figure Drawing.

I have to keep telling myself this.
I need to keep going.
Sometimes I would rather stay in the warm, dry apartment than brave whichever unpredictable,  seasonal-shifting elements the night has in store for my walk to the studio.
Other times, I look forward to it, to bring my skills out of the rust and dust of neglect and procrastination.

I have been skipping a lot of figure drawing this year.
My penance: back to basics. Work more on feet and hands.
Draw the bones until I want to cry and rip my hair out 8 times.
Then say a “Hail Mary” for good humor.


Monday evenings mean Figure Drawing.


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