I was feeling inspired last night as I was reviewing some of the photos I had taken at the Forevertron.

It is a place you have to visit more than once in order to really comphrehend everything you see. I have been there at least 4 times now, and my brain still goes into information overload when I’m there.
In addition to all that, his wife and son are continuing to build upon his legacy when he is unable to, so there are new and different things appearing throughout the environment as time passes.

I may have noticed this guy on my second visit, but he is one of Tom’s creations, a veteran player in (or near) the orchestra.


I am actually not sure why this dude is hanging out with the orchestra. Did he drop his violin? Maybe he’s a roadie, standing at the ready with a new bow. Maybe he’s one of those creepy stalker admirers.

Hmm.. I am leaning toward creepy stalker admirer on this one.



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