Thursday Reflections

I don’t try to paint pretty pictures.

I actually dislike how pretty my pictures seem, now that I’ve seen them tiled together after editing my Oil Painting page.
It’s like cotton candy, saccharine and.. I don’t know.. nice. I could write an entirely separate post analyzing why I seem to take scenes that go largely unnoticed, and paint them in sugary, saturated colors. I see beauty in things which I assume others interpret as ugly, or don’t bother to notice or interpret at all, and then I turn them into candy.
It’s like I’m a kid with a sugar addiction when it comes to mixing color. I try to muddy my palette down, but the finished painting still appears so saturated and vibrant.
Ok, I’ll stop with this, and get to the point.

I visited my Alma Mater yesterday, with my dear friend and colleague Sara.
We viewed the current Faculty Exhibit at the campus gallery, then visited with our old professors. It was perfect timing; there were students working in the studio, but neither of the professors had any formal classes in session.

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Spooky Behavior


Maybe I have been marathoning too many forensic dramas on that one streaming video website. Or, maybe it was that one National Geographic magazine featuring the excavation of Pompeii, the one with the partially exposed skeleton still wearing gold and jewels, displaying her affluence thousands of years after her death, that I had been drawn to since it’s arrival at my grandparent’s house some thirty years ago.

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Just A Quick Sketch…

I was feeling inspired last night as I was reviewing some of the photos I had taken at the Forevertron.

It is a place you have to visit more than once in order to really comphrehend everything you see. I have been there at least 4 times now, and my brain still goes into information overload when I’m there.
In addition to all that, his wife and son are continuing to build upon his legacy when he is unable to, so there are new and different things appearing throughout the environment as time passes.

I may have noticed this guy on my second visit, but he is one of Tom’s creations, a veteran player in (or near) the orchestra.


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Forevertron Day Trip!

Earlier in the year, a friend of mine happened to be traveling around Central Wisconsin. She spends a large portion of time living on the open road, and when she’s not driving from one site to the next, she is hard at work on countless projects at her home in the artful little town of Lucas, Kansas.
(I don’t want to go off topic, so if you’re curious about what she does and why she travels so much, look at this.)

It had been nearly 2 years since we’d seen each other, and she was only 2 driving hours away from me.
So, we picked the perfect spot to meet up.
The location? I can’t think of a better place for two artist friends to meet.
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