In May, I started attending meetings at the SVA Art Factory, which is the Sheboygan Visual Artists‘ recent initiative for developing and hosting classes and workshops.

It’s a great way to allow members to interact with the community on a more visceral level. Instead of artists and patrons mingling in a gallery, they have the opportunity to make art together.
The Art Factory provides the space and resources for artists to develop and lead workshops, creating shared experiences with community members who attend the workshops, and offering insight on the creative process.
It’s also a great opportunity for artists, such as myself, to try their hand at instructing, building experience as they go along, and having experienced members’ guidance along the way.

The summer has been a whirlwind of activity. I have been working on illustrations, planning and conducting workshops, designing promotional materials, gallery sitting, working on new jewelry pieces, and doing a whole bunch of other creative stuff I can’t even think of at the moment.

It has been a busy summer, but for an artist, that is a very good thing. For me, it has been a huge learning process, one which is ongoing.
Of course, the next thing to learn will be how to keep working on my own paintings through all of this!


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