After having my CyprusTwentyNine Etsy store up for a while, I decided I still wanted to make and sell other things, but didn’t want to ruin the chemistry I had going with the whole classy/earthy/thematic/artsy copper thing.

I still wanted to have fun and make weird things and sell them to unsuspecting connoisseurs of weird things. I also want to sell weird things that I find, because selling weird things is a really great way of validating the need to come home from the thrift store with weird stuff.
Because let’s face it: I can put up a professional facade for only so long before my weirdness betrays me.

And so, I photographed my “Beerings,” signed up for another Etsy store, and brainstormed for a good name. An artsy name. An artsy Etsy name. An artsy-fartsy etsy name.
And thus was born, the FartsyArtsyArtMart.
It’s not too wild right now, but hold on to your beer can hats, there’s more on its way!

Behold: “Beerings.”

“They go so well with my beer can hat!”
~ Anonymous
(meaning, me. I just thought of that.
And I don’t even have a beer can hat. Silly, I know.)



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